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关税发票 Tax and duty


All duties are borne by bonpont on your package in direct mail clearance!
Specific programs are as follows:
1.Complimentary, EWE,UCS tax clearance : Customers do not have to pay taxes ( logistics providers get paid ), direct customs clearance ;
2.Other logistics business tax, which is required to pay taxes, then take orders and tax bills to find customer service reporting ; bonpont customer service will issue a credit coupon codes for customers, which is equal to taxes. The coupon code valid for 1 months, unlimited scene but used only 1 times. It can deduct the amount of orders ( excluding freight ) when you placed on next order.
Note: For different area, if the user chooses to use China Post (or some like this, etc.) for Customs clearance, some post office will charge some many as agency fee, this fee charged by local post office according to their agency services, our site does not make compensation.

常见问题 FAQs


您的包裹在直邮通关时的所产生的一切关税由bonpont承担! 具体方案如下: 1.宜送,EWE,UCS清关被税:顾客无需支付税费(物流商替付),直接通关; 2.其他物流商被税,用户需要先交纳税费,然后拿订单以及税单,找客服申报;届时bonpont客服将为顾客发放一个与税费等额的,有效期1个月,不限场景,但仅限使用1次的抵扣优惠码,可以在下次下单的时候,任意抵扣订单金额(不含运费)。注:视地区不同,如果用户选择使用中国邮政等单位代办通关事宜,部分地区邮局将会收取金额不等的代办手续费。此费用属地方邮局根据所提供的代办服务收取,本网站不做补偿。









Why do I need to pay many kinds of freight when I purchase products from different countries in bonpont?
Since the package is sented to you by a different warehouse using different logistics lines, you need to pay a variety of shipping costs based on the purchase;

About bonpont customs clearance?
All duties are borne by bonpont on your package in direct mail clearance;

Specific programs are as follows:
1.Complimentary,EWE,UCStaxclearance:Customersdo not have topaytaxes(logisticsprovidersgetpaid),directcustoms clearance; 2.Otherlogisticsbusinesstax, which is required to paytaxes,thentakeordersandtax bills to findcustomer servicereporting;bonpontcustomer servicewillissueacreditcouponcodesforcustomers, which is equal to taxes. The couponcodevalid for1months,unlimitedscenebutusedonly1times. Itcandeduct the amount of orders(excludingfreight)when you placedonnextorder.

Why do bonpont products have purchase restrictions?
Chinese customs has to meet the standards for Chinese consumers to buyforeign goods,If beyond the scope of private parcels may be additional customs or returned. In order to avoiding unnecessary trouble arising from the delivery of the package, if consumers purchase amount exceeds the limit, the site will make the corresponding limit and remind.

What are the payment methods in bonpont ?
Early bonpont Online Support Alipay, WeChat, China Unionpay online payments;Bonpont will open VISA/MASTER/JCB international credit card payment channels;All third party payment platform settlement process is completely free of charge, related fees, bank settlement and other transaction costs borne by the bonpont.

Why do you need to authenticate to buy goods in bonpont?
Measures for the supervision and administration of inward and outward express consignments of the customs of the People's Republic of China, as amended by the General Administration of Customs PRC (Reference : General Administration of CustomsPRC ), All express recipients imported into the mainland of China shall provide the ID card information to the customs. The information will be submitted to the customs office for the purpose of submitting the customs record;

How to ensure quality goods in bonpont ?
Bonpont is direct mail mode. Our supplier are OEM's products provider from Europe, America and Australia. The only source of supply can ensure that product quality problems which can always be traced back, so as to ensure that the original authentic. You can purchase at ease.

Do you provide invoices for goods purchased in bonpont?
Goods sold in bonpont are cross-border overseas goods.Because there is no "invoice" concept in overseas, we can not make out your the domestic invoice, please understand.

How long can receive the goods purchased in bonpont?
Under normal circumstances, the package will be in your order (identity card after verification) 1-3 working days of delivery (weekends, holidays abroad do not ship). About 7-17 working days delivery to your address, for your reference.

How to cancel the order?
Due to the particularity of overseas direct mail, the order information in your payment will be automatically pushed to overseas warehouse, so please ensure that your order goods and information is correct before payment.If you find the order information is wrong after payment , you need to modify or cancel the order, please contact our online customer service.

How to apply for a refund?
If you meet our refund return policy, We will apply refund and returns for you at the first time.

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