退货退款政策 The return policy







2. 以下商品不适用退货退款政策:

a. 任何非本网站出售的商品;

b. 商品已被使用或损坏/标签/原厂保护膜已被移除/改变产品尺码;

c. 超过受理时限(签收后7个工作日内未联系客服将不能申请售后);

d. 由于运输过程中的不可抗拒因素,商品出现轻微破损,但不影响正常使用;

e. 任何因客户的非正常使用及保管,导致出现商品质量问题的;

f. 对组合出售的套装等商品,仅对满足售后退货退款标准的单件或多件商品提供退货服务,不扩展至组合全部商品。

g. 出于安全和卫生考虑,童装、以及贴身用品如内衣内裤等,非质量问题不予退换货。

h. 因个人体质不同,化妆品/保健品/食品过敏请及时咨询医师,不接受以此为商品质量问题申请退货。

1.If you receive the package in the following circumstances ,you can apply forrefundswithin 7 working days from receipt of the goods:

a. Product quality problem, The customer issued a test report or confirmed by the brand side of the original document is a quality problem, Please return the attachment, instruction, shopping certificate, packing and commodity and return it. We provide a full refund and bear the freight for the customer to provide a traceable mail return;

b.The damage caused by the goods during transport,Please provide your packaging, courier sheet, merchandise and other photos within 7 working days after receipt, After sales confirmation,We refund the full amount and bear the freight;If you can't provide the corresponding photos,Will not be accepted, please understand;

c. Goods lost, delivered wrong goods,Please contact us within 7 days after receiving the goods, provide the order number, express delivery form, less hair / wrong delivery goods, all the goods put together the photos to our customer service, after the customer service confirmation for you to deal with the relevant after-sales, if the after-sales aging , after the sale will not be accepted.

d. Due to the special nature of cross-border goods, this website does not support personal reasons for return.

If your order appear afore-mentioned problems, please contact us at first. As long as the products are brand new and unused, we will apply refund for you. We suggest that you will product pictures and descriptions, directly through the online customer service and email sent to us, in order to identify problems and send to you the specific return method. Chinese customer service email: service@bonpont.com

2.The following items do not apply for refund policy:

a.Any goods not sold on this website;

b.The product has been used or damaged / label / factory protective film has been removed / changed product size;

c.Over the admissibility of the time limit (7 days after the receipt of the customer service will not be able to apply for sale);

d.Due to the irresistible factors in the course of transportation, the goods appear slightly damaged, but does not affect the normal use;

e.Any improper using and custody of customers, which is leading to product quality issues;

f.For combination goods, accept returns processing only for the piece or pieces that meet the refund criteria, do not extend to whole combination goods.;

g.For the sake of safety and health, children's clothing, and personal items such as underwear, not quality problem will not be return.

h.Due to individual physical differences, cosmetics / health products / food allergies ,Please consult your doctor promptly, We do not accept this as a product quality problems applying for return.

退货退款流程 The return process






1. Apply for refund within 7 working days after receiving the goods;

2. The customer service shall confirm whether to meet the return refund request and return the goods to the customer.

3. Send returned goods;

4. After the warehouse receives the return, the staff will complete the refund within 3-7 working days.

Actual cash payments will be returned in accordance with the original path. Due to the different bank transfer date, Please refer to the actual debit time.

Once the order is submitted, it will not be necessary to cancel or modify the order. Please ensure that your order goods and information is correct before payment. (If the order information is error after payment,you need to modify or cancel the order, please contact our customer service.)

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